Yakima man seeking justice for dog killed in hit and run crash

Yakima man seeking justice for dog killed in hit and run crash. (Courtesy: Chuck Jensen)

YAKIMA, Wash.- It happened in a flash.

Chuck Jensen said he was riding a bike to a friend’s house in the middle of the night with his 13-year-old dog, Shorty, right behind him in a small trailer.

That's when Jensen said something hit him just west of 88th Ave. and Wide Hollow Road in West Valley.

“I don't remember seeing lights or anything coming up behind me. All of a sudden I was in the road,” he said.

When he came to, he saw Shorty laying in the middle of the street.

Jensen said he crawled over to him and realized his dog was already dead.

His best friend for the last 12 years was gone.

“Just not having my dog there is just really you can't replace that. No amount of pills or band aids is going to fix that,” he said.

Jensen said he was wearing a reflective jacket, helmet lights and everything else a biker should have when out at night.

Not only will he have to carry the emotional pain but said his body is struggling to recover from the physical pain as well.

“I got a couple of cracked ribs, they say I didn't break anything in my legs but it sure feels like it. (A) laceration on my head. Just had the staples taken out,” Jensen said.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is investigating the hit and run but said they're still trying to find a lead.

Without any witnesses or solid evidence, Chief Robert Udell said many of these cases end up going unsolved.

“Someone involved in a traffic accident may not notice who the driver is. Next thing you know, they look up and that car is gone. So, it makes it tough,” he said.

For now, Shorty will live on in Jensen’s phone.

He said he won't delete any of the pictures or videos he has of his best friend.

Jensen said he just wants whoever hit him to come forward and admit to what happened.

Which left him on the side of the road. Holding his friend that will never come back.

“I don't really want much from this. I just like to see them come to justice,” Jensen said.

If there's anyone who knows what happened that night, Jensen said you can call the sheriff's office and report it.

He has a report filed with them and any information could help figure out who did it.

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