Yakima man missing for one month, family says they won't stop searching

    Maverick Craig

    YAKIMA, Wash. - A Yakima man has been missing for one month and his family says they just want their loved one home.

    Bob Craig said his 27-year-old son Maverick Craig went missing on December 1, 2018.

    He was last seen just outside of Union Gap, off Interstate 82 exit 40, where some of Maverick's belongings were found.

    Maverick is five foot nine inches tall, weighting about 150 pounds. He has medium short brown hair, green eyes and tattoos on both of his arms and across his chest.

    A friend of the Craig family, Neal Cotner said it is unlike Maverick to just disappear.

    "This is very uncharacteristic of Maverick," Cotner said. "He's had his problems in the past but he's always stayed in touch, he’s got a mother, father, brother and sister that he is very close to and communicates with."

    Bob Craig said if his son is out there, he has a message for him.

    "I'd say Maverick please call home," he said. "We're worried about you, your mom is worried about you. We never ever have not heard from him for this long."

    Police have little to no leads about Maverick's disappearance, so the Craig family is turning to the public for help.

    "I'm asking for help from our good friends and neighbors at the Yakama Indian Nation to keep their eyes and ears open and help us bring our son home," Craig said.

    The family is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to Maverick's return.

    If you have any information about Maverick's disappearance you are asked to contact Yakima Police Detectives at 509-575-6206 or the Craig family at 509-930-6187.

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