Yakima gains sister city

Yakima gains sister city

YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima has now expanded after city council voted to have part of South Korea become our sister city.

Earlier this month, Yakima City Council got an invitation from the mayor of Hadong County to explore the opportunities of a cultural and educational partnership.

Councilwoman Holly Cousens went to Hadong County for eight days and learned what the area has to offer for Yakima.

She and other delegations from all over the world were invited to dinner and and she was the first woman ever to sit at the table.

"I'm really excited to see the educational benefits and the agricultural benefits and just keep moving forward. It's going to really benefit the state fair and city to city and I'm excited to see how that goes," said Cousens.

Next Saturday delegates from South Korea will come to Yakima and sign the final papers to seal the deal at the fairgrounds at 6 p.m.

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