Yakima firefighters put out two stove top fires in the same hour

Yakima firefighters put out two stove top fires in the same hour

YAKIMA, Wash. - Firefighters are cautioning the public of kitchen fire hazards after Yakima Fire Department (YFD) crews recently put out two fires that started from an unattended stove top burner.

Reports said the fire department received word of a kitchen fire around 12:40 p.m. Thursday at a motel in the 1900 block of N 1st Street.

Fire crews said the smoke was coming from the door of one motel room upon arrival.

The resident had tried to extinguish the fire himself, causing the oil and fire to spread rapidly in the kitchen. Fire officials said he was able to escape safely and used fire extinguishers from around the motel complex to slow the fire until crews arrived.

Crews were able to get inside and quickly extinguish the flames that started from frying oil that was left on the burning stove. Firefighters said it took only ten minutes to extinguish the flames and clear smoke.

Firefighters said there was no functioning smoke alarm in the unit.

The fire department then responded to another fire that started from the stove top within the same hour.

Firefighters spent under 30 minutes extinguishing flames at 901 S 3rd Avenue around 1:50 p.m. Crews removed a bucket from the stove that caught fire after it was left on the burning stove top. Reports said the burner was accidentally turned on.

The fire caused damage to the stove and there was some smoke damage in the home.

No one was injured in these fires, according to reports.

Crews installed a working smoke alarm in the home as the previous had been damaged.

YFD officials want to remind folks to make sure burners have been turned off after cooking as the majority of home fires start in the kitchen.

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