Yakima democrats prepare for Saturday's caucus

Yakima democrats prepare for Saturday's caucus

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Yakima County democrats hope Bernie Sanders' visit will encourage more people to caucus on Saturday.

The caucuses will help determine which presidential candidate will be the democratic nominee.

People will meet at 18 caucus locations across the county Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Participants will break up into groups at their precinct and cast tallies. The tallies will determine how to allot delegates to each candidate.

"We tend to forget, as voters, about the initial vote, about the initial step. Everybody's going to be concentrated on the general election, but this process will determine whether we see Bernie Sanders on the ticket or whether we see Hillary Clinton on the ticket," Yakima County Democratic Central Committee Chair Susan Palmer said.

Anyone who considers themselves to be a democrat can attend the caucuses. But only registered voters or people who turn 18 before the November election can cast tallies during the caucus.

Precinct locations will have voter registration forms on site so you can register and participate on Saturday.

Caucuses could take a couple of hours depending on how many people show up.

To see a list of precinct locations, click here.

To find out which precinct you live in and pre-register, click here.

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