Yakima county makes it through first month of 2019 without a murder

Yakima county makes it through first month of 2019 without a murder.

YAKIMA, Wash.- It's been quiet in Yakima. At least when it comes to homicides in the area.

Both the city and the county made it through the first month of 2019 without any reports of someone getting killed.

Though the winter has been mild, Yakima police said the freezing temps at night may have played a factor.

“Generally, when the temperature drops we see a little downward tilt in crime, but mostly during day time hours it's stays pretty level and pretty even,” Lieutenant Chad Stevens said.

But this is the first time since 2012 that there wasn't a single homicide recorded during the first month of the year.

And looking back at the last five January's, 2016 had the most with four murders.

The numbers over the last couple years have been on a downward trend, but Lt. Stevens said there's no real way to estimate how many homicides there might be throughout the year.

“Violent crimes are kind of their own anomaly and they kind of seem to go in spurts. There's not a real track-able pattern by weather,” he said.

However, we're not saying Yakima hasn't had its fair share of violent crimes this year.

Multiple people were shot and taken to Harborview, one person survived a bullet to the neck and another shooting near Davis high school.

But it's just that no one has died from anybody pulling the trigger.

While 2019 has started without any murders, Stevens said police are still alert and ready for the worst.

No matter how cold it gets on the streets of Yakima.

“Our patrol officers are out there no matter what they temperatures are. Responding to calls for service,” he said.

In 2018, Yakima county only saw one murder in the month of January but ended up with 38 by the time the year was over.

So, a perfect January could mean very little by the time 2019 comes to an end.

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