Yakima County Commissioner candidates talk goals, experience and marijuana ban

Yakima County Commissioner candidates talk goals, experience and marijuana ban

YAKIMA, Wa. -- Two candidates going head to head for Yakima County Commissioner in district three, to replace Rand Elliott, open up about their goals, qualifications and their perspective on the marijuana ban.

Legal Assistant Susan Soto Palmer is going against Grandview Mayor Norm Childress.

Palmer says she is interested in providing more human services including healthcare, education and preserving agricultural businesses.

“What families are telling me is that they’re so afraid that there are no jobs that their children want to return to so what kind of businesses can we attract to the Yakima County that will want to partner with the county to make this a better place,” said Palmer.

Childress says he would like to tackle public safety issues, protect agricultural businesses as well as bring more diversity to the agriculture economy.

“The infrastructure is important to bring in some businesses and I also think that educational opportunities maybe we can work with the trade schools with the colleges to make sure that we have a work pool that will fill in the caps that are necessary to bring in some maybe different kinds of businesses,” said Childress.

The marijuana ban is a controversial topic that denies recreational marijuana businesses to operate in unincorporated areas in the county.

Palmer says she does not support the ban and wants it to be lifted because these businesses are safe, regulated and make a big contribution to the county.

“We can lift the ban and use some of that revenue to help educate people and do prevention programs as well as possibly public safety improvements,” said Palmer.

Childress says he does support the ban because that’s what the people of Yakima want.

“The citizens of Yakima County voted that way twice and what I’ve said is I’m here to represent the people of Yakima County and that’s what they want to do,” said Childress.

Palmer says she has volunteered/worked for Washington State Democratic Central Committee, delegate and state committeewoman, affirmative action committee co-chair and Democratic National Committee delegate.

Childress who is the Mayor of Grandview right now says he retired from Benton County with 37 years as a transportation engineer, has been elected in Grandview for 26 years and is currently serving on five county boards.

People have until November 6 to turn in their ballots.

For Susan Soto Palmer website click here.

For Norm Childress website click here.

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