Yakima council rejected virtual attendance for meetings

Yakima council rejected virtual attendance for meetings

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima council members rejected the idea of being able to attend meetings electronically.

During the council meeting Tuesday, council members did not motion to vote for the new virtual attendance policy.

The new policy would allow council members to still be able to make decisions and vote through phone or video even if they were not at the meetings physically.

“Now that we have live streaming that is something that works great and so I’m okay with some of these options, especially now with the preview agenda and the live stream,” said councilwoman Carmen Mendez.

Mendez says instead they discussed adding two additional meetings where they can look over the agenda two weeks before a business meeting.

Mendez says this way council members can see what will be talked about weeks before and they can add or remove items depending on their availability for the business meetings.

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