Yakima council members approve $1 million for road improvements near Chesterley Park

Yakima council members approve $1 million for road improvements near Chesterley Park

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The City of Yakima approved $1 million in funding Tuesday, from the Supporting Investments in Economic Development (SIED) board.

Mayor Kathy Coffey says the funding will be used to make improvements to River Road near Chesterley Park, which is associated with the proposed YMCA Aquatics Center.

“Total is $1 million that we’re asking. Fifty percent is a straight grant and so the other 50 percent is going to be paid back as a loan with very good interest," said Coffey.

The improvements include widening and reconstructing River Road from 34th to 40th Avenue.

The city also wants to construct roundabouts at the intersections of 34th Avenue and River Road, and 34th Avenue and Fruitvale Boulevard.

Coffey said the road improvement is not intended for the proposed YMCA Aquatics Center.

She says regardless of what happens with the center the road needs to be improved for safety and to provide better access to drivers in that area.

“The roundabout is actually going to be on 34th and Fruitvale. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone there but trying to get through... it has become very popular and we've gotten a grant for that so that will be done, but it’s not part of the SIED request," said Coffey.

The proposed YMCA Aquatics Center raised $16.2 million over the past two years and have turned to the public in search of the remaining $3.8 million.

Mayor Coffey decided to make a surprise motion that was not on the agenda, to have a third party look to ensure the YMCA Aquatics Centers funding was met by the end of December, and then execute a revised contract.

Coffey’s motion passed unanimously.

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