Yakima city council to consider declaring disaster

Yakima city council to consider declaring disaster

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima is preparing for the worst with Rattlesnake Ridge.

On Tuesday, city council will consider if they should declare disaster in the city of Yakima.

The city of Union Gap and Yakima County already declared disaster, just one week prior to this meeting.

City Manager Cliff Moore said Yakima might not see much damage but the city needs to declare disaster in order to recieve federal reimbursements for things like search and rescue and recovery if Rattlesnake Ridge causes serious damage.

"In my view, it's very important because in the unlikely event of a catastrophic slide, we will need emergency declaration in order to qualify for reimbursement,"Moore said.

The council will decide if they want to declare disaster at their next meeting on January 16.

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