Yakima City Council terminates all plans regarding the downtown plaza

Yakima City Council terminates all plans regarding the downtown plaza

YAKIMA, Wa. -- The Yakima City Council will no longer continue any plans regarding the downtown plaza.

During Tuesday’s business meeting, council members voted unanimously to terminate all plans that involved the plaza and refund the money donated.

Councilwoman Carmen Mendez says she wanted to stay true to all the people who donated and supported the plaza.

“I feel very conflicted because I feel that I’m not being true to the people who elected me and so it’s hard, it’s hard to make this decision," said Mendez.

Councilwoman Holly Cousens says it’s time to move on and listen to the 67 percent of voters who were against it.

“People have spoken in the vote and we need to honor that as public officials who speak for our constituents,' said Cousens.

But several people in support of the plaza say they are upset that it will not continue and hope the city comes up with a plan B.

Luz Gutierrez says there has been too much money spent already for a plaza that will not happen.

“There’s a lot of money that’s been spent, a lot of people that have spent a lot of time voting for and speaking in behalf, especially in these meetings but I think that the decision was made by the people that live and vote in this community," said Gutierrez.

City Manager Cliff Moore says the city has received around $1.7 million in donations for the plaza so they plan on getting the refunds back as quickly as possible.

He says the city will have to pay the money back plus 3 percent interest which starts accruing from the time that the donors request the refund until the time the city pays it back.

Council members did not discuss any additional ideas in replace of the plaza.

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