Yakima City Council takes next steps in building Martin Luther King Jr. Park pool

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YAKIMA Wa. -- Yakima City Council is moving forward with next steps to build a new pool at the Martin Luther King Junior Park.

Jacynthia Mitchell’s daughter has been swimming competitively for several years now and says this has been a great way for to spend her time outside of school

Mitchell says she is excited to have a new pool at Martin Luther King Junior Park because it can really change a community in a better way, and she is hoping they open a competition pool because there isn’t one in Yakima yet.

“It helps communities by creating teams, by creating community involvement, there’s great ways the older kids can do peer coaching in swimming," said Mitchell.

Mayor Kathy Coffey says they have decided to not only add a new pool in the city but also see how they can help better the ones already in the community including Franklin and Lions Pool.

“Of course this could be a very important part of youth development as far as probably for the east side I think it’s something the community has wanted for a long time," said Coffey.

There used to be a pool at Martin Luther King Junior Park several years ago but Coffey says they closed it down because it wasn’t making any money for the city and there was a lot of vandalism happening there.

She says the times are different now and they are trying their best to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

During the council meeting tonight council members approved a feasibility study where designs for the pool will be reviewed as well as cost estimates for the project.

Mitchell says a group called USA Swimming is offering to help Yakima in taking the next steps for the pool.

But Coffey says the study will be conducted with consultant Counsilman-Hunsaker and will cost $35,000 to review the project.

Coffey says right now they are in the beginning stages and are hoping to have something ready by the year 2020.

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