Yakima city council candidate settles class action lawsuit against him

Yakima city council candidate settles class action lawsuit against him.

YAKIMA, Wash. - A Yakima city council candidate just settled a class-action lawsuit against him because of how involved he was with the Rain Shadow Report.

Lawsuit stems from people saying Keith Effler was illegally involved with the report that was put out.

"The allegations were overblown and inaccurately largely," he said.

Keith Effler is a district 4 candidate for Yakima city council and he has been dealing with a class action lawsuit that accused him of using voter mailing lists for a pamphlet called the Rain Shadow Report.

The lawsuit says this breaks the law.

The paper was sent out to voters in district 4, but Effler argued they didn't illegally use the list of voters he got from the county.

On his Facebook page, Effler goes into detail that he stepped away from control of the Rain Shadow Report before he ran.

However, he was hired by the report at the last minute to finalize graphics, formatting, and printing, because another designer fell through.

Effler said the idea that he lied about his involvement is going to make it harder to gain back trust from some people in Yakima.

"I never said that ‘I had no involvement,’ but the Herald printed that and so people think I’m a liar and there's a huge mistrust of me and that's going to be the problem going forward," he said.

The settlement states he has to pay the law office of Douglas E. McKinley for a little under $9500 and that includes one dollar to each of the 2324 people who were sent the pamphlet.

While these need to be paid, it also states that Effler denies he and his team have committed or have threatened to commit any violations of law or wrongful conduct.

Looking back at how everything unfolded, he said he would have gone about it differently and said everything up front.

"I should've just kind of laid out everything right at the beginning so people would have known that I was involved a little bit but not to a consequential amount and there was no wrong doing."

The class action lawsuit has been settled but the Public Disclosure Commission, which regulates political candidates, campaigns and lobbyists.

They said they couldn't comment on the case but it is still under assessment.

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