WSDOT wants you to ditch studded tires this winter season

WSDOT wants you to loose the studded tires this winter season

YAKIMA, Wash.- Tis' the season for winter tires. As people gear up for snow and ice on the roads, many drivers opt for studded tires. While many put them on to have that extra boost of confidence while driving in the winter, Megan Lott over at WSDOT recommends you look into studdless snow tires for your car.

"The State Department of Transportation would prefer if drivers use another type of traction tire. Whether that's a winter traction or an all season type of tire," said Lott.

From November 1st through March 1st, Lott says studded tires cause major road damage every winter on state, county, and city roads.

Although you can't get fined for putting on studded tires during the winter season months, the cost to repair the roads does come out of our pockets. WSDOT's yearly budget is funded by taxpayer dollars, and Lott says those tiny metal studs are creating million dollar repairs.

"Every winter we see about 20-29 million dollars in damage state wide on our roadways, just due to studded tires. That damage is created because of the studs chewing up the roadways and then we end up having to go back and either repave or patch those sections of roadway," said Lott.

Lott says winter or traction tires work just as well as a studded tires. For Yakima's mild winter seasons, she says that's really all you need when driving around this area.

"Studs only really work in compact snow and ice, which we only see about a couple times a year in the Yakima Valley," Said Lott.

If you are traveling over the pass, WSDOT recommend you carry chains in your car in case there is a heaving snowfall.

WSDOT says you will normally find all season tires to be a little cheaper than studded tires. They can range between 50 and 200 dollars per tire.

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