Woman held at gunpoint wishes for recovery of 13-year-old suspect who was run over

Woman held at gunpoint wishes for recovery of 13-year-old suspect who was run over

HARRAH, Wash. – “He turned on the lights. When he turned on the lights, then I seen [saw] three guys around my bed, and two had guns,” said Brenda Valencia.

Valencia tells me she was scared for her life when she woke up to those guns pointed at her, early Saturday morning. She says she got home late Friday night, after working her concession stand at the Toppenish rodeo. She fell asleep, but then was startled by loud noises coming from the back door at around 3:00 A.M., and shortly after, she found herself in a terrifying situation.

“He told me to get up, and he told me where my phone was at, and where my money was at, and how many people were in the house,” she said.

Valencia says the suspects ended up taking $3,000 in cash and a tablet from her.

She says in total, there were four suspects in her home, and one of them clearly stood out to her because she says he looked like a kid. It turns out he was 13 years old.

“I know one of them looked extremely young - like extremely young; and he was the one that was wearing a black bandana over his mouth; and they didn’t look like they were experienced. They sounded nervous. I don’t know if it was their first time doing this, but they weren’t professional,” said Valencia.

Valencia is a single mom to a 13-year-old boy herself, but he happened to be at his dad’s house that night. She says it was just her and her own father who were home at the time of the break-in. She says somehow, she was able to make her way to her dad’s room, in time to tell him that they were being robbed. And when the suspects heard him wake up, they fled.

She says within minutes, the Yakima County Sheriff’s office showed up. But, as deputies and Yakama Tribal Police searched for the suspects, Chief Robert Udell says things took a turn for the worse for the 13-year-old who had fled.

“The deputy had ran over that subject. Very tragic. Very unusual event. The deputy sergeant did not see the person he ran over, did not know that he had ran over somebody, and just very tragic,” said Udell.

At that time, the sheriff’s office said the search for the three other suspects came to a halt, and they focused on saving the suspect that was ran over. He was air lifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he is in stable condition.

Valencia says even though he stole from her at gunpoint, she prays for his speedy recovery and hopes he will cooperate with deputies on the investigation.

“Coming from a mom that has a 13-year-old herself - just help him. Just help him. I don’t wish any bad upon anybody, and I hope he gets better and he learns his lesson. Maybe this is a life changer and he never has to do this again,” said Valencia.

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