Wine resort project promises hotel, housing development in Terrace Heights

    Wine resort project promises hotel, housing development in Terrace Heights.

    TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash.- Wine tourism usually goes through Yakima and into the lower valley.

    Developer Rick Peterson wants to keep the tourists in the upper valley by building a brand-new resort in Terrace Heights.

    “People could park their car, sample probably 18 different little tasting rooms, eat and just relax. Have a place to stay and not be driving around to these different wineries,” he said.

    Peterson said the 317-acre plan will include store fronts like shops to house wineries from all over the county.

    Bringing them into one walkable space with rooms to stay in nearby.

    Not only 200 new hotel rooms, but about 1,000 units of houses and apartments are included in this grand plan.

    Peterson said the homes are targeted toward people looking to retire but would be open to anyone.

    “People downsizing from larger homes to something that fits them much better. So, there's going to be a benefit to the local housing market also,” he said.

    While the plan may sound impressive, how will everyone get here?

    Well that's something Peterson said still needs to work out when it comes to roads.

    But said the county's East-West Corridor that will connect Terrace Heights to I-82 will solve a lot of those problems.

    “One of the big issues is the road access. The best access from i-82 will be off the new interchange,” Peterson said.

    The county recently allowed the project to move forward for a public hearing but there's still more permits needed for construction.

    Peterson said if everything goes well, he hopes to start building later this year.

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