Washington is given an extension to comply with Real ID Act

Washington is given an extension to comply with Real ID Act

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Right now, people in Washington may continue to use their state–issued driver’s licenses or IDs to fly anywhere in the United States but that may not be the case in a couple of years.

The Department of Licensing (DOL) held a public hearing Wednesday at the Laborer’s International Union Department in Yakima to speak to people about the REAL ID Act.

Washington State Department of Licensing Communications Consultant Jessie Knudsen said Washington has been issued an extension to comply with the REAL ID Act until October 2020.

“We’re working to be in compliance, were taking the right steps. This public hearing is one of those steps and the reason for the extension was simply so we were able to complete the steps," said Knudsen.

The REAL ID Act is a federal law passed by Congress in 2005 that requires state driver’s licenses and ID cards to have security enhancements to travel or enter a federal facility.

According to DOL, starting July 1, 2018 all Washington standard cards will be marked with language to indicate it isn’t valid for federal identification purposes making them REAL ID compliant.

But since Washington has been given an extension people are still able to fly with their standard IDs until October 2020.

Knudsen says starting September 4, 2018 all Washington driver license and ID cards issued will receive new driver license numbers and have security enhancements.

“Well both of them will have the change in the number and the reason for that is increased security and making all forms of identification in Washington more fraud proof," said Knudsen.

After October 2020 people who have not gotten their REAL IDs can still use their standard IDs to travel but will have to use extra identification to prove citizenship.

For more information you can head over to the Department of Licensing website.

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