Washington among Top 10 states for most expensive Christmas trees: study

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    SEATTLE -- If you're one who prefers to have a real Christmas tree for the holiday season, Washington is among the most expensive states to find one, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce.

    The national average for a 6-foot tree is $59, but those in Washington will pay $68 for that tree, on average. That rates as 10th-highest in the nation, the study found. They're most expensive in New York ($90) and California ($82), and least expensive in North Dakota ($33).

    Interestingly enough, living in a state that produces the most Christmas trees doesn't guarantee a cheaper price. Oregon is the top tree-producing state in the nation, but has an above-average cost of $64 for a tree.

    Photo via: Chamber of Commerce

    What about a tree shortage? The study finds word of a tree shortage has been making the rounds. Some growers blamed the 2008 recession on a shortage of trees since it takes 10 years to grow a 7-foot tree and tight times meant people were buying fewer trees, meaning farmers were planting fewer trees for the lagging demand, the Chamber of Commerce said.

    Other factors: Hurricane Florence which destroyed a lot of trees in North Carolina, and the wildfires along the West Coast, the study found. And the Chamber says there's speculation Millennials are buying more trees for "Instagram worthy holiday photos."

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