Despite warmer weather, local florist say hold off on gardening

Warmer weather draws locals to start gardening, experts say hold off

COWICHE, Wash.- It's a rare and shiny sight for Yakima today. The sun is out and Mike McCabe over in the weather center says this heat is almost breaking record high temps.

"For this time of year, we are around 40 degrees and so far for the month, we have been well above that," said McCabe.

So why is Yakima feeling the heat all of sudden?

"This is an El Nino winter, and typically what we tend to see is warmer waters off of the pacific and that is certainly true to form this year," said McCabe.

The heat wave has come full circle in the valley, and a few nurseries in Yakima tell Action News the sun has been getting their customers in the spring spirit.

They've noticed a wave of people getting a little ahead of themselves, ready to buy plants to fill up their garden. But Stephanie Coenig over at Cowiche Creek Nursery says you may want to hold off.

"Right now I would hesitate to plant too much because we might still have a cold spell. It's beautiful right now, but the weather is not really stabilized. We usually can count on having some pretty cold weather in February," said Coenig.

Coenig says if any frost were to hit your plants right now, they wouldn't have a very long lifespan. Cowiche Creek Nursery doesn't open up until the end of March, and Coenig says that's the prime time to start gardening. Coenig says there are things you can be doing right now to prep for your garden.

"I'm planting my vegetable garden, and also what I might want to do for my cutting garden. Just getting and idea of what the plan is for myself for the year. It's a good time for people to looks through catalogs and get their seeds ordered," said Coenig.

Coenig says in March you can also start picking out your plant pots and getting an idea of where you want to place them in your home.

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