Wapato schools are informing voters about the proposed school levy

Wapato schools are informing voters about the proposed school levy

WAPATO, Wash. -- Wapato schools are encouraging voters to get informed about a levy proposal that would continue to fund educational programs for students.

According to the Wapato School District, the levy proposal will simply be renewing and replacing a four–year levy that is currently funding the schools.

Tony Hernandez has lived in the city of Wapato for 50 years and he says the community should support the levy, that way the district can give students a better education.

“Any program, anything that goes in this school it costs money. It’s no different than running a business or a city. It takes money to run an operation and a school district is a huge operation and it needs the communities support," said Hernandez.

Schools from Wapato to East Valley are on the February ballot for levies to keep funding the schools.

Wapato School District Superintendent Becky Imler says they have been hosting these community forums because they want people to know how much they’ll be paying, and what the money will be used for.

“School safety, transportation, special education, our bus fleet, day to day operations like gas and lights and salary of employees," said Imler.

District leaders said voters overwhelmingly approved the levy back in 2014 which is set to expire in December of 2018.

The current levy costs $1.75 for every $1,000 of property you have.

The new one will go into effect February of 2019 at the rate of $1.50 per $1,000 of property.

“I think it’s a fair price, in fact this year’s levy is less than the one from four years ago," said Hernandez.

If the renewal levy passes, the Wapato Schools will be able to receive $3.9 million per year by the state.

If the levy doesn't pass, the school district operating budget would have to be cut by roughly 12 percent.

People have until February 13th to vote and send in their ballots.

For more information on the ballots click here.

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