Two Wapato high schools receive social media threat

Reports: Wapato High School on lockdown

WAPATO, Wash. - Wapato High School is reportedly on lock-down.

A Wapato High parent who is at the school reported the lock-down on the morning of December 15, but said she has not been able to confirm the reason for this development with school staff.

District leaders said a threat was reported on a social media platform Thursday night. The district worked late into the night and early Friday morning to prepare with extra security measures in place for all buildings.

Students were also kept inside during recess and P.E. as an added precaution, according to a district news release. After-school assembly was also cancelled.

[Update] Officials say there is no longer a lock-down placed on the school, instead a modified lock-down meaning recess and lunch is held indoors and increased security around the school.

PACE High School also went into lock-down Friday for what district officials said was an unrelated threat involving the high school.

The apparent threat was discovered on social media Friday morning, causing the entire district to go into lock-down mode around 8:15 a.m. Law enforcement was called to respond.

School administrators ensured main entryway doors were locked at the schools and greeted people wanting access to the buildings.

An update said the lock-down was lifted 15 minutes later and class resumed with additional security for all buildings except for PACE. The lock-down was lifted for PACE by 8:40 a.m.

PACE operated throughout the rest of the school day under a modified lock-down as law enforcement investigated.

Reports said no students or staff were harmed in this incident.

The Wapato School district is acknowledging the efforts of the staff and local law enforcement to keep students safe.

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