WA state leaders caution of Supreme Court phone scam

WA state leaders caution of Supreme Court phone scam

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Attorney General is warning people of callers who pose as the Washington State Supreme Court and demand money.

AG Bob Ferguson and Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst announced multiple Washingtonians have reported of a scam in which the caller claims to be from the Supreme Court and issued a statement Dec. 13 urging people not to fall for it.

In these scams, the caller claims to be the Supreme Court clerk or with law enforcement, demands money and threatens to arrest the call recipient.

A news release from Ferguson's office said these calls have targeted people in Washington with Hispanic last names.

Dozens of reports have come into the State Supreme Court of a phone scammer using a fake caller ID to look like it came from the Supreme Court clerk's office, Ferguson cautions.

The Supreme Court is asking those who receive a phone call similar to this to hang up immediately. They also recommend filing a complaint at the Washington State Attorney General's Office or report it to the FTC.

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