Voters turn out ballots on final days of voting

    Voters turn out ballots on final days of voting

    YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Yakima County says nearly 40,000 people voted in this year's primary election, that decides who makes it onto the November ballot.

    On Monday, voter turnout was just over 20 percent but it looks like it's going to end at around 35 percent. They say that's because almost 14,000 ballots came in on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Yakima County Elections Manager Kathy Fisher said they typically see a lot of the ballots come in on the last day of voting, but not usually this many.

    "If you look at returns throughout the 20 day election cycle it looks like a little heartbeat," Fisher said. "There's a huge spike in the beginning for the people who know exactly who they want to vote for and then people get busy with their lives, their ballots sits on the counter, so then you have that drop and then of course election day and the day after it spikes again."

    Yakima County even-year Primary Turnout

    For this election, the State of Washington is paying for the postage on ballots and Fisher said they were hoping that would encourage more voters to send in a ballot but she said they didn't see an increase there.

    "The community drop boxes are getting a good response which is nice to see, but still the majority of the people drop it in the mail," she said. "Of course pre-paid postage this election, we were hoping that would have bumped up the turnout a little bit... but we're on average."

    KIMA Action News asked local voters if they chose to vote in this election. One local community member Barbara Imperial said she voted in this election because it decides local races.

    "It's an opportunity for me to voice my opinion in our community so I think it's important to vote," Imperial said.

    Another local, Allan McCartey said he didn't vote in this election because he would rather wait for the general election.

    "I am registered but I'd rather wait until they come out in November to dwindle down the few we have to pick from," McCartey said.

    The top two candidates from this election move onto the ballot in November.

    Yakima County Elections said results are still coming in and they will certify the election on August 21.

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