Valley tourism could see a boost with three new hotels coming to Yakima

Valley tourism could see a boost with three new hotels coming to Yakima.

YAKIMA, Wash. - You might have seen one of them while coming down Terrace Heights Drive: a new hotel going up near Sarge Hubbard park. And two others in Union Gap and near the Yakima Airport.

All three of them should bring over 200 more rooms for visitors.

With the new space, John Cooper with Yakima Valley Tourism said it can bring even more money to local businesses.

“Hotels are part of the big picture. Visitors spend over $410 million each year. They generate about $38 million in local and state taxes,” he said.

The one in Union Gap will be a Holiday Inn Express, near WinCo foods on Longfibre Road.

It's four stories and has 75 rooms in total.

Dave Stapleton, one of the owners, said the SOZO Sports Complex was a big reason for the location.

“It's going to be a great opportunity seeking quality hotel rooms here in the Yakima metro area. We want to be close to that as well as the airport,” he said.

While the location works for the hotel business, it also helps fill a need for SOZO when people are in town for the sports tournaments.

“SOZO really needs additional hotel spaces and we're really thankful that there's new hotels going up,” SOZO Business and Community Development Director Wendy King said.

One of the promises that came with SOZO, was that it would bring in more money to Yakima.

King said these new hotels will only help them continue to achieve that goal.

“A family could easily spend 500 dollars while they're here over the weekend. Which includes rooms, dinner, gas and all of those things,” she said.

The Holiday Inn Express is set to open mid-August and could be an option for the next time your family is in town.

With the new one opening up, the Holiday Inn Express off Pendleton way in downtown Yakima will become a Red Lion Inn.

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