Union Gospel Mission hosts Thanksgiving meal

Union Gospel Mission hosts Thanksgiving meal

YAKIMA, Wash.- A church brought the community together today by hosting their annual Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the second time that Union Gospel Mission handed out Thanksgiving meals to the community this week. Dozens of people came together to celebrate the holiday.

"This is our second Thanksgiving meal, and today is actually a better turn out than yesterday so it's good to see the community come out for this," said Justin Shewey, Director of Operations.

For decades, the Union Gospel Mission has provided meals for those who need it the most.

"The Mission supports a lot of homeless people who don't have anywhere else to go. You'll see them on the side of the street, maybe sitting down crying, maybe holding hands with someone they love, but that's all they have. We're thankful for everyone that shows up to eat here. It shows how big the Mission is to the community," said Darrell Loveless, a volunteer.

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