Union Gospel Mission hoping to raise $100K to help homeless people get off streets

Union Gospel Mission hoping to raise $100K to help homeless people get off streets

YAKIMA, Wa. -- Union Gospel Mission fundraiser in Yakima is helping get homeless people off the streets.

Kristen Fasholtz says once she started getting help by Union Gospel Mission, her life changed after she lost her fiance and lived several years by the Yakima River.

“Honored, I am truly honored not just for what the mission has done for me but I’ve been put in a position of complete and utter trust again," said Fasholtz.

The Mission held their second annual Evening of Hope fundraiser event Wednesday night at the Yakima Convention Center to try and raise money and keep helping people like Fasholtz.

Chief Development Officer for the Mission Dottie Hildebrand says this fundraiser event is vital to the organization since they are hoping it will bring in around $100,000.

“$100,000 is huge for us and it’ll feed a lot of folks, it’ll house a lot of folks, it’ll bring some healing and wholeness and jobs," said Hildebrand.

Hildebrand says this is an opportunity for the community to participate in reshaping, restoring and renewing the lives of addicts, homeless, and people that are hurting.

Union Gospel Mission helps around 12,000 to 14,000 homeless people annually.

Executive Director for the Mission Rick Phillips says there is a big homeless issue in the county and there aren’t enough resources for them, so the mission is a huge help for the community.

“If the Union Gospel Mission wasn’t here, believe me it would be a lot worse. When you think that there’s 12,000 individuals that are helped out of the homeless environment in a yearly basis and you start adding that up into 82 years this could be a disaster," said Phillips.

Phillips says their mission is to guide people to God and at the same time help people in the county restore their lives.

All the proceeds of the event will be going to helping homeless at the Union Gospel Mission.

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