Two suspects face murder charges, accused of beating man outside apartment complex

Two suspects face murder charges after beating man outside apartment complex

YAKIMA, Wash. – Police say two men who beat a man outside of a Yakima apartment complex are both now facing murder charges.

Witnesses tell police on Sunday night, James Shoemaker was seen arguing with a woman outside Corrections Transitional Housing on South Naches Avenue.

According to police reports the witness says the woman swung a bat at Shoemaker who then took it from her and hit her with it.

Police say in response, 38-year-old Scott Rogers and 34-year-old Joshua Callahan beat Shoemaker, by kicking him and also using a bat.

When police arrived, they say Shoemaker was alive, but soon suffered from a heart attack that killed him.

Now, Yakima County Coroner Jack Hawkins says it was the assault that caused it.

“We found out that he does have a bad heart, but he was assaulted, and the adrenaline from that assault more than likely caused the heart attack,” said Hawkins.

Rogers was initially facing charges of assault, but now both Rogers and Callahan face second-degree murder charges.

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