Two suspects arrested for stealing mail

Two Suspects Arrested for Stealing Mail

SUNNYSIDE, Wash.- Local police have been dealing with stolen mail sprees in recent months, and they just caught another mail theft duo in Sunnyside.

Police attempted to pull over a car when he noticed the driver failing to stop at a stop sign, and later found out that the car was reported for trying to cash a forged check at Banner Bank.

"At that time the vehicle sped off, before officer Sparks could make contact with the vehicle," said Scott Bailey, Commander at Sunnyside Police Department.

A high speed chase began, and police ended up losing the suspects.

"Officer Sparks then followed up with Banner Bank and was able to positively identify the suspect attempting to cash the counterfeit check," said Bailey.

23-year-old Arisai Barron was arrested later that night, and officers found the counterfeit check in his car. Police also arrested 28-year-old Kierra Winchel, who was with Barron during the car chase. Officers found several trash bags filled with mail in her home that had at least 150 pieces of stolen mail and fraudulent checks.

Commander Bailey says this is a problem that happens year round.

"There's always potential for mail theft, we always see it," said Bailey.

Bailey says many times people don't realize their mail is stolen until they get the call from police. Neighbors I talked with say they they always check their mail to prevent from this happening.

"We usually check our mail daily, and when we're on vacation we usually have mail stopped or have one of the neighbors pick it up for us," said Mike Solano, a Yakima resident.

Commander Bailey also recommends having your mail dropped off at a post office if you don't have a secure mailbox.

Barron is charged with eluding and unlawful possession of payment instruments, meaning having someone else's financial info. His bail is set at 20,000 dollars.

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