Two local auto dealerships burglarized last Sunday

Two local auto dealerships burglarized last Sunday

YAKIMA, Wash.- Police say a local man burglarized two auto dealerships and right now police are trying to figure out why he did it.

Police reports say Derrick Black stole every key, vandalized both properties, and tried to burn down Better All Auto Sales and Brown Boys Auto Dealership last Sunday.

Douglas Bettarel has owned Better All Auto Sales in Yakima for over 20 years, and during the past six weeks his dealership has been burglarized three times.

"Approximately six or seven weeks ago, we were burglarized. He came through the side door, took a rock and bashed it through the window. Stole some computers, and did some damage inside. He got the keys to a brand new Ford Pickup truck, stole it, took off, and the only way they caught him is because he ran a stop sign," said Bettarel.

The suspect, Derrick Black, appeared in court today and is charged with 2nd degree burglary, theft of a mortor vehicle and theft by arson.

In total Bettarel has spent nearly $25,000 and still has repairs to make.

"To tell you the feeling, we're upset, we feel vengeful, we're mad and we don't have the money to pay for stuff like this," said Bettarel.

Black's arraignment will be on November 21.

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