YPD: Robbers stabbed to death after family fought back

Two dead, three injured after home invasion

YAKIMA, Wash. – At around four o'clock in the morning, two men broke into a house off South 64th Avenue.

Police said they don't know why 24-year-old Chase Rogers and 31-year-old Brian Perez chose that house, but they do know the family inside fought back.

“It's believed that the victims armed themselves with a knife to defend themselves,” Mike Bastinelli with the Yakima Police Department said.

Shortly after that, police said both Rogers and Perez were found dead in the front yard.

Police said it looks like the two men tried to get back into their car and drive away.

However, they were so badly injured police say they got out of the car and ended up dying not too far from the vehicle.

“They must have been severely injured at that point. Their vehicle never made it down the road, it actually started to go down the hill,” Bastinelli said.

The autopsy from the coroner's office revealed the robbers were both stabbed in extremely fatal areas.

Perez was stabbed in the chest, which punctured his lung and liver.

While Rogers was slashed just below the armpit.

County coroner Jack Hawkins said it wouldn't take long for them to die from those kinds of injuries.

“Chase Rogers was pretty severe. It severed the artery. He bled out within minutes and I would imagine Brian Perez was not too far behind him,” Hawkins said.

The three-people living in the house also had stab wounds, but police said none of them were life threatening.

However, questions remain. Why did the men break into the house on top of the hill and what exactly happened inside?

Police said it's still too early in the investigation to know and they lost the people who would've had that information as well.

“It's very difficult because the two suspects are deceased so we can't talk to them,” Bastinelli said.

Court documents show Perez had a criminal past with convictions of assault, drug possession and burglary.

Also, police said they’re going to interview the family and search the robbers' car later this week.

[Update, Apr. 27] The Yakima County Prosecutor's Office has decided not to prosecute the victims living at the home, following a review. Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic said no criminal charges will be brought in this incident.

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