Trial continues for man accused of shooting two MoneyTree employees in the face

Trial continues for man accused of shooting two Moneytree employees in the face

YAKIMA, Wash.- The prosecution says Manuel Verduzco needed money fast, that's why he came to the Moneytree with a gun, and ended up shooting and killing two women.

Two Moneytree employees and two family members took the stand, Tuesday, all of them claiming that they did lend Verduzco money weeks before the killings happened. The defense says it wasn't about money, claiming that Verduzco was schizophrenic, hearing and seeing things that weren't real.

The state attorney, Brian Aaron, also asked the Moneytree employees if they've ever seen Verduzco talking to himself or acting strange, all of them saying they haven't.

The defense attorney, Peter Mazzone, says Verduzco's coworkers were acquaintances and he wouldn't mention his diagnosis to them. The state asked Verduzco's family members and if they themselves have ever heard voices, since the state mentioned before that schizophrenia is usually genetic, each of them saying no.

The state brought his cousin, Bionca Verduzco, to the stand. They were both roommates at the time of the killings, and she described when she first woke up the morning of the killings to find Verduzco dressed up saying that he had an interview at 6:30 a.m. Then describing the moments when he came back nearly two hours later.

"Was he dressed differently than when he was dressed at 5am?," said Aaron.

"Yes he was wearing different clothes. I did see him walk out a couple times, one time when he walked out he was walking holding a garbage bag," said Verduzco.

The defense brought in a detective that was investigating the case, and he stated that they never found a black garbage bag.

The defendant also brought in Verduzco's middle school teacher and former Mcdonalds coworker to talk about if he was ever a violent person, both of them stating he was quiet, polite and kept to himself.

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