Trial begins for man accused of Yakima MoneyTree shooting deaths

Trial begins for man accused of Yakima Moneytree shooting deaths

YAKIMA, Wash. - The trial begins for a man accused of shooting and killing two women two years ago.

Marta Martinez and Karina Morales-Rodriguez were shot and killed in March of 2016 outside the Moneytree on S. 1st Street as they were arriving to work.

Police found the two victims dead at the scene. Manuel Verduzco was arrested hours later.

Verduzco was charged with first-degree aggravated murder in the double-homicide case.

Verduzco has an 'aggravated' charge with the homicides, which means if convicted he will face life in prison without parole.

The three-week long trial will determine whether Verduzco is found guilty or not guilty for shooting and killing Morales-Rodrigues and Martinez. Jury selection is currently underway.

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