Tips on how to prepare for Black Friday

Tips on how to prepare during Black Friday

YAKIMA, Wash.- Its that time of year again when thousands of people shop during one of the busiest retail days of the year. General Manager at Best Buy, Brian Boerum, says there are a few ways to get prepared this Friday.

"Dress appropriate, it's always cold and if you're going to wait in line, generally if the weather says it's going to be nice out, it's going to rain so be ready," said Boerum.

Boerum says only a limited amount of people will be inside at a time to help with crowding, so make sure you have a free schedule.

"It's a very busy day and a lot of people put in a lot of work to make sure that the customer has as good experience as they can. So bring your patience," said Boerum.

Best Buy employees say they are expecting a higher turn out rate this year.

"With the transition of everything in houses going smart, tech is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger," said Boerum.

According to Tech.Co, nearly 70% of Americans say they are going to buy a tech gift this year during Black Friday.

"So generally speaking, before we leave today there should be people in line," said Boerum.

The main tip Boerum tells people who are brave enough to enter the shopping battlefield, is to plan ahead.

"The thing I try to tell people is be prepared, know what you want when you get here. Especially if it's one of those hot add items, so really make sure that you get here early enough to be able to take advantage of some of that stuff," said Boerum.

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