Throwing away boarding passes could cost you your identity

Throwing away boarding passes could cost you your identity

YAKIMA, Wash.- It's as easy as scanning someones barcode to gain access into someones personal information.

It's an instant reaction for most people to throw away a boarding pass after your trip is over. Many don't realize the amount of personal information printed on those passes.

"I just never put any thought to it before," said passenger Bethany Hall.

If the wrong person were to get a hold of it, your full name, date of birth, flight number, booking number, and other personal information could be theirs.

Within seconds your identity can be stolen by downloading a simple bar code app from an app store.

Action News downloaded one and asked locals if I could scan their boarding pass to see what pops up and within seconds their personal information came up.

"Well that's not good because they will be taking my identity and everything," said passenger Jose Mendoza.

"That's scary to think that somebody could actually do something that effects me with that boarding pass," said passenger Rachel Stahr.

There are some key ways to prevent someone from getting their hands on your information. Having an electronic boarding pass on your phone is the best way when you are traveling.

If you do end up with a paper boarding pass, make sure not to throw it away at an airport to prevent from your trip taking a turn for the worst.

Yakima airport employees urge you to shred your boarding pass immediately after your trip.

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