Thieves take $8K worth of tools after multiple stops at local construction site

Home surveillance from shows $8,000 worth of tools being taken from a home construction site

YAKIMA, Wash. - A couple of thieves hit a local construction site, stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools and they could be casing a construction site near you.

A local construction company said two men stole tools and equipment from a construction site at a home off Scenic Drive on New Years Day.

The thieves were caught on security cameras at the site, showing the men coming. The video shows the men leave and come back multiple times before returning for a final time at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning with a truck. The victims said that time the men were at the site for about three hours.

Construction Foreman Andrew Berg said the burglars looked like they knew what they were doing.

"The people who did it probably do this kind of thing a lot because they were very cautious about it," Berg said. "They may or may not have known the amount of equipment that was in the house."

Berg said the thieves got away with about $8,000 worth of tools.

Yakima Police has the footage and said detectives are reviewing it.

But Berg is also asking the community for help to identify these men in the video.

"We'd like to see them caught and arrested," he said. "We hate to see this kind of thing happen and we believe in working for a living and doing the right thing so our ultimate goal is to see these guys get what's coming to them."

The burglars just happened to steal from the site on the only day crews had off.

If you recognize either of the men in the video or know something about the theft you are asked to call Yakima Police detectives.

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