The unemployment rate in Yakima County lowers compared to last year

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YAKIMA Wash. -- The unemployment rate in Yakima County has gone down and people are gaining more jobs.

Laura Gonzales works in the fields and she says she has been working almost all year and now that she wants to switch to a new position WorkSource has already helped her with some openings.

“They were just offering me ways to get a course so that I can open my options to other jobs," said Gonzales.

In November of 2016 the unemployment rate in the Yakima County was at 8. 1 percent and this year in November the unemployment rate has gone down to 5.8 percent.

Regional Labor Economist for the Washington State Employment Security Department Donald Meseck says this year’s unemployment rate has broken records within the last 27 years.

“It’s the lowest unemployment rate for the month of November that we’ve had since our agency started to keep electronic data back in 1990, so it’s the lowest unemployment rate in 27 consecutive years," said Meseck.

Meseck says this is definitely a good sign for the Yakima County because this means Yakima has gained almost a thousand more jobs this year.

“I think a key takeaway is that there’s no major industry right now that has fewer jobs than in November of 2016, so when I look at year over year changes between the Novembers of 2016 and 2017 I see that every major industry has either stabilized or has added a significant number of jobs," said Meseck.

According to the Washington State Employment Security Department several employments in the Yakima County have also increased throughout the year compared to the entire state of Washington.

Non-farm Employments for example, are at a 5.7 percent in the month of November 2016-2017 compared to Washington State who is at a 3.0 percent.

Mesech says the unemployment rate has been lowering every month for 14 consecutive months compared to the year before, so if that trend keeps up, the employment in Yakima might continue to prosper in the coming months.

If you want more information on the unemployment ratings in the Yakima County click here.

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