The Seasons pays off debt with donation initially meant for Yakima plaza

    The Seasons pays off debt with donation initially meant for Yakima plaza

    YAKIMA, Wash. - The Seasons Performance Hall in Yakima says they have finally paid off an almost 10-year debt with the city, thanks to an anonymous donation.

    The Seasons' Interim Executive Director Pat Strosahl said he got a call on Wednesday morning from someone wanting to donate $214,000.

    Strosahl said that means they are able to pay off a debt they owe the city of Yakima for a loan to pay for a new fire suppression system that they borrowed back in 2009.

    Seasons board member Megan Tweedy said they are glad this financial burden is lifted.

    "To officially pay off our loan, we are so grateful to our anonymous donor," Tweedy said. "To be in a position to be able to do that, especially in time for the holidays."

    The Seasons said the donor had this money set aside for the plaza project in downtown Yakima but when that fell through they decided to buy The Seasons out of their loan.

    Now The Seasons said they get back to the music.

    "It means that we can really get back to what we do best and that's bringing in incredible musicians," Tweedy said.

    The Seasons have had this debt for almost 10 years and said it hurt their bottom line but they were never in danger of closing.

    They said they are glad to finally be moving forward.

    "No matter what we would have survived but this anonymous donor has allowed us to thrive," Tweedy said.

    The Seasons said they will hand over the check to the city on Monday and it will cover the original loan plus interest.

    The Seasons is hosting an open house on December 20 and inviting the whole community to come celebrate this new chapter with them.

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