The number of flu cases in Yakima County is increasing

The number of flu cases in Yakima County is increasing

YAKIMA, Wash. -- The number of flu cases in the Yakima County are rising every week and people are flooding clinics and emergency rooms.

According to the Yakima Health District the number of positive flu tests just last week were 107.

That number is higher than the previous week which was 95 and the week before that with 37 positive flu tests.

The number of flu cases is rapidly increasing and health care facilities like the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic or YVFWC are noticing the high demand in patients.

YVFWC’s Infection Prevention Employee Health Nurse Victoria Larios says they have been trying to educate patients who come in sick so that they can prevent passing the flu on to others.

“We’ve actually seen just an increase in a lot of flu like illnesses this year, and we’ve seen them earlier on than what we typically have seen before,” said Larios.

Larios says in Washington State, there have been now 29 confirmed deaths associated with the flu.

One of those deaths was a Yakima County woman.

Larios says they see a peak in patients with flu like symptoms from January until March.

That means the 107 positive flu tests from last week could increase in the next couple of weeks.

Infants, pregnant women and seniors are at a higher risk of getting the flu.

Larios says people should watch out for any flu like symptoms and treat them right away.

“Flu like symptoms can include things like fever, chills, cough, runny nose, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting and exhaustion,” said Larios.

She says if you think you have any of the flu like symptoms you should stay hydrated and rest as much as you can.

“If you don’t need to go out don’t go out, and if you do need to go out make sure you are wearing the mask and continue with the hand hygiene,” said Larios.

Most importantly Larios says people should go get their flu shots if they haven’t so already.

People can get their flu shots until June 30.

To see a list of locations offering the vaccine click here.

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