Jury deliberates in Manuel Verduzco trial

YAKIMA, Wash.- The Manuel Verduzco trial is coming to a close, as both the prosecution and defense give their last testimonies to the jury before they decide if Verduzo was criminally insane during the time of the murders.

The state argues Verduzco had the pressures of taking care of his family, owing many people money and not having a job which caused a motive. They said that led him to the Yakima Moneytree with a gun, murdering both Karina Morales-Rodriguez and Marta Martinez.

"The defendant admitted to this, the defendant admitted that he shot Karina and Marta. The walls were closing in on the defendant so he had tremendous motive to commit this offense. He needed money and he needed it fast," said Prosecuting Attorney Brian Aaron.

The defense saying it's clear that he committed the murders, not because of him needing money, but because he is mentally ill and listened to what the voices were commanding him to do.

"The only reason why you're are here is to determine whether or not at that time he suffered from a mental disorder that rendered him insane," said Defense Attorney Peter Mazzone.

Four medical doctors that the defense brought in all claimed Verduzco shows signs of schizophrenia. The prosecution claiming that he kept changing his story to every doctor he'd talked to.

"Every time he told the story about the voices it was different so don't buy into it. Listen to him carefully, but don't buy into it," said Aaron.

The prosecution also reminding the jury two third party doctors both say Verduzco is lying, and is doing so to avoid going to jail. The defense arguing those doctors already had preconceived notions and didn't want to consider other facts, and that their four experts are credible.

All of the data that was collected and analyzed independently at every step of the way by every one that we ever asked to take a look at it came to the same basic conclusion. So please analyze everything," said Mazzone.

The jury has now gone into deliberations, now it's up for the jury to decide if Verduzco should be found guilty of those two murders.

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