State Attorney General Bob Ferguson shares whats next for Dreamers

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson shares whats next for Dreamers

YAKIMA, Wash.- A pending lawsuit will determine the lives of nearly 800-thousand young undocumented people in our country.

Those 800,000 are in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), and those Dreamers came to our country as children.

The Trump Administration wants to resend those protections, meaning they could be sent back the country where they were born.

Monday, Attorney General Bob Ferguson arrived in Yakima and spoke out about the future for Dreamers. He says our state and 14 other states are fighting a legal battle to allow the program to continue.

“The deadline for Dreamers was March 5th, in which they could then be deported, but because we have been successful in the courts, the courts have stopped that deadline," said Ferguson.

Ferguson says they have been successful so far in the lawsuit and won the first stage in federal court, but he believes it will eventually go to the Supreme Court.

Ferguson says Congress should act now and vote on an this issue that can affect so many lives.

"Polls show that 70-75 percent of Americans support Dreamers, and think they should be allowed to stay here in the United States. It's my hope that Congress will act, but if they don't it will be up to our lawsuit to keep the president from deporting these 18,000 Dreamers here in our state," said Ferguson.

Ferguson says it could take several months before the lawsuit goes to supreme court, but will continue fighting to make sure people are being protected.

“I got a set of ten year old twins, and I've met a lot of Dreamers. Believe me those are every bit as American as my ten year old twins. This is the only country they know, they grew up here, this is all they know," said Ferguson.

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