The city of Ellensburg raised the cost of electricity to keep up with costs

The city of Ellensburg raised the cost of electricity to keep up with costs.

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- Using your electricity at home is as simple as pressing a button, but it's now going to be more expensive to press those buttons for those living in Ellensburg.

“Bonneville Power Administration is increasing the rates to us and that's resulting in an increase to our customers as well,” Margaret Reich with the City of Ellensburg said.

As of Monday, there'll be about an eight percent increase on the utility.

So, the average homeowner should see an almost $6 increase on their monthly bill.

“I feel like it's necessary. I don't particularly like it, but it is the world, the way the world is and things go up everywhere,” said Sharon Franzzini, who lives in Ellensburg.

There are also some people who want to make sure there's help for those struggling to get by.

“I'm not that opposed to it as long as we have that safety net for those people that can't afford,” said Mara Fusfield, who also lives in Ellensburg.

The city buys wholesale electricity from the BPA and they have around 10,000 meters in the city.

Reich said the increase is needed to keep providing quality electricity. She said she wants to make sure when you flip a switch to turn on a light, that light stays on.

“It's safe reliable power. We want to continue to offer safe reliable power,” she said.

The city put out a release saying they originally wanted to do a three percent increase, but needed to cover more costs than expected.

Even though the rate is going up, Reich said using more efficient bulbs and items will help keep the cost down.

She said there's a chance the rate might go up again later this year, but they don't expect it to be as large as eight percent.

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