The city is trying to improve transportation in Yakima but they want your help

The city is trying to improve transportation in Yakima but they want your help

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima Transit is holding meetings about a possible new bus route in the city.

A proposed new bus route will be the focus of three public meetings Yakima transit has planned this month.

According to a press release, the city will discuss the new proposed Route 8 which would include those areas within the City of Yakima previously served by Route 10.

Yakima City Spokesperson Randy Beehler says Route 8 will cover other areas that we currently don’t serve.

“The proposed revised Route 8 will also send buses up Yakima Avenue from 4th Street, which is where the Transit Center is to 16th Avenue. Yakima Avenue hasn’t been served by buses for many years," said Beehler.

Route 8 will also pass through 16th Avenue from Yakima Avenue all the way through River Road.

Yakima Transit Manager Alvie Maxey says this new route will be a 35-minute route instead of a 1 hour, so it will be more efficient.

People who use the bus daily say this is a great idea because it will help them go to places that they couldn’t go to before.

“There’s a lot of stores and a lot of places over there that we need to get to, doctor’s offices and things," said bus rider Charley Mulvey.

Other people are saying transportation in Yakima could improve by letting the buses run longer through the night.

“It’s good. I just wish they would run a little longer, wish they would run to about 8 or 9 at night," said bus rider Frank Allen.

Mike Shuttleworth with the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) says they have put out a 2018 transportation survey to better understand the needs of the people of Yakima.

“If there’s projects out there that they would like to see, maybe more transit stops, better crosswalks to get to transit you know those types of things, so we put the money where its needed most," said Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth says they have received $40,000 from the state and will submit grants to the state in early fall which will go towards the transportation plan.

People can fill out the survey online or you can pick up a copy at the YVCOG office.

The meetings for the new proposed route will take place on March 20th at 2:00 in the afternoon and 5:30 in the evening at the Public Works Department’s large training room.

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