Sunnyside women looking to raise 30k for children's arts building

Sunnyside women looking to raise 30k for children's arts building

YAKIMA, Wash.- "I do hip-hop, ballet, choir, gymnastics, and pretty much everything. It makes me feel happy, you can express your feelings and dance and it's really calming," said Dancer Tanner Martin.

Martin is a three year Valley Performing Arts dancer, and a viral internet sensation. It's a dream made possible by co-founders Elizabeth Moss and Erin Martin, who decided to start the program back in 2015.

What has started in their basement home with 35 kids, has now grown to over 250 kids.

"As the numbers have grown we've outgrown the basement, and looking around for buildings we knew it wasn't going to be possible without the community," said Moss.

One generous local donated a building for them to use. Now they are doing a $30,000 in 30 days campaign fundraiser to help turn the old bank into a state-of-the art dance studio.

Their main fundraiser campaign well be selling lock boxes for people to store their personal items.

Moss says they have a long way to go, but say the kids our their motivation to keep going and reach their goal.

"There's some great sports programs in the city, but the he thing is not all students or kids identify with sports. Some are on the artistic side, and what we are doing here is providing a place for kids to come and learn arts," said Moss.

The money raised from the fundraiser will go directly towards building the multi-art studio, and also limit how much it costs for the students to dance.

"Every kid should have the opportunity to study the arts regardless of their financial background. So we offer low or almost free tuition to these kids," said Moss.

Valley Performing Arts is also partnering with Children's Village and provide dance classes for special needs children.

In the next few years the co-founders hope to expand their arts studio and build another performing arts school.

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