Stricter Seattle gun law has people in Yakima concerned

Stricter Seattle gun law has people in Yakima concerned

YAKIMA, Wash. – Gun owners in the city of Seattle will be facing some heavy fines if they don’t lock up their guns. In a newly passed law, a person could be required to pay up to $500 for not keeping their guns stored in a safe place, $1000 if a minor or an at-risk person, such as someone with mental health issues gets their hands on the gun, and $10,000 if that person uses it to shoot themselves or others.

Local Alejandro Hernandez says if this law were to come to Yakima, it’s something he could easily get behind.

“I think it would be good. Some of the people who have their guns would probably be a little iffy on the fines that could range up to $10,000. It’s just the importance of safety of the kids, for the people. It wouldn’t be bad,” said Hernandez.

Local Tyler Waddington says while he has been deeply affected by guns, having the government regulate how they are stored is not something he supports, but he understands where people are coming from.

“Having a family member killed by suicide with a firearm and having another family member killed in the military serving, I’m not immune to the fact that there are many hurting people out there that have been affected by firearms, and so it’s not surprising to me that people would want to legislate something like this,” said Waddington.

Dave Kellett is a 23-year veteran of the YPD and a firearms instructor at The Range. He says he and the gun-owning community are all for responsible firearms handling, but without the intrusion of the government.

“We’re very resistant in the firearms industry because it’s just a way of again, eroding a Second Amendment right, and we would like to do things through education rather than mandate,” said Kellett.

Experts say it’s important to safely secure your firearms, once you’re done shooting.

“We certainly encourage, without being mandated to, that people come and they do something they have some kind of plan to lock up their guns. That’s certainly, I think, something everyone can get behind,” said Kellett.

Will a law like this come to Yakima? Only time will tell, but it is obvious it’s a controversial subject for many.

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