State Troopers urge drivers to defrost all car windows

State Troopers urge drivers to defrost all car windows

YAKIMA, Wash.- As we head into colder temperatures means frost is starting to form on our cars.

State troopers are urging the community to take an extra ten minutes in the morning to properly scrape your car windows.

“Sometimes we just see people clear off one little spot for them to see out and the think that’s alright, but it’s really important that before you start going, you got to be able to see out of your windows,” said State Patrol Trooper Sarah Clasen.

It's not just your front window that needs to be scrapped, state troopers say that every window on your car needs to be completely clear before driving.

“There is a 137 dollar ticket associated with not having visibility out of your windows or having something covering your windows while you're driving. “said Clasen.

Clasen says it can be considered a form of impairment.

“If you can’t see what’s around you it’s hard to avoid things or make good decisions. We need people to able to see the vehicles around them and to be able to drive safely,” said Clasen.

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