Snow storm causes many local businesses to plummet in profits

    Snow storm causes many local businesses to plummet in profits <p>{/p}

    YAKIMA, Wash.- The quick hit of snow landing in the Yakima Valley has caused many businesses to plummet in profits.

    "We've definitely seen a decrease," said Owner at Second Street Grill Steve Pinza.

    Pinza says in the last three days their profits have dropped nearly 40 percent. The slow wave of customers has forced Pinza to cut hours and reduce the amount of staff working each day.

    "Those first few days, especially when the roads are bad. When they (customers) are done working, their thoughts are pretty much to get home," said Pinza.

    Even the businesses you would normally expect to boom on snow days got caught off guard.

    "We were very short handed, we had seven to eight inches of snow in the parking lot. The phone was ringing off the hook, customers where stopping by," said Owner Matt Wilcox at Premiere Power Sports.

    Wilcox says customers have filled their business the past three days, but they weren't prepared to meet the demand. Their store was starting to transition to spring time, and wasn't expecting to sell tons of winter equipment like snow plows.

    "The problem is we had snow plows assembled, we just didn't have them on the quads so we couldn't service people on the immediate need," said Wilcox.

    Jason Bernath over at Get Air says even though many schools were cancelled this week, he didn't have a huge spike of kids jumping around at his trampoline park.

    He says many parents still had to work, and the icy road conditions stopped many people from doing extra activities.

    "A lot of times if it's really bad, people are going to stay home. If the roads are clear, but the weather is bad there's not very many places you can go," said Bernath.

    Bernath says they are expecting a lot of business this weekend if the roads are clear.

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