Snow Route Alert issued in Yakima

MGN photo

YAKIMA, Wash. - The City of Yakima has just announced a snow route alert that is in place until further notice.

Due to the snowfall over the last couple of days, the City is requiring car owners to remove their vehicles from snow routes by no later than 10:00 pm today, February 10th.

According to the map given by the city, the snow route is primarily in the downtown parts of Yakima.

This Snow Route Alert is being issued, according to the city as part of a series of steps being taken to more efficiently and effectively get streets cleared of snow as quickly as possible, particularly streets in the downtown area.

Cars will need to be moved from snow routes to any street not posted as a snow route or to any City public parking lot.

The City says cars that are not removed from designated snow routes can be towed and their owners fined up to $50 per violation.

To see a map of Yakima snow routes, along with the rest of the priority plowing routes throughout the city, click on the following link –

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