Small business owners try to keep people shopping local

Small business owners try to keep people shopping local

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- Many small businesses make up the Yakima Valley and owners are reaching out to community members encouraging them to shop local.

Tim Morris also known as Cemetery Tim from his small business selling headstones is now working with others in the community to help them grow their business.

He said he knows how important community support is to thrive in a small town.

"The lower valley is full of small businesses and they need our help, they really do in order to grow," Morris said. "We need to lock arms and unite. that's the only way to grow as a one community."

He said the valley doesn't have everything and there are opportunities out there to grow.

Morris and Grandview councilwoman Gloria Mendoza are trying to give local businesses that opportunity.

They are putting together a town hall style meeting so the community and business owners can share ideas and offer feedback.

Not only do small businesses have to compete with each other but they have to compete with larger chains and Mendoza said this is an effort to keep things local.

"So we're saying businesses we have everything that we need here, but let's step up our game," Mendoza said. "Let's make sure that we don't give people reasons to go outside of the valley to purchase products or services."

She is a businesswoman herself and said when she started her business 20 years ago, she wished she had the opportunity to talk with other business owners for advice and now she wants to offer her experiences to the community.

Mendoza and Morris will join a panel of successful business owners from the valley to offer that advice on Monday night.

"Whether you're looking to open a business or you own a business and your maybe wanting some ideas or you just want to come see who's gonna be there and what the discussion is going to be about," Morris said.

The town hall meeting is in Grandview on Monday June 11 at 6 p.m. It is at Gemstones Leisure Hall at 801 Grandridge Road.

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