Single Hill Brewing Company set to add to the long list of breweries in Yakima

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Another year. Another brewery.

At least that's how it seems with single hill brewing company set to open this weekend.

With a couple of taprooms just within walking distance, and many more within the city, it seems like the new comer will have some stiff competition.

Co-founder Ty Paxton said it's not so much about us versus them, but more about doing downtown Yakima justice.

“The ships ride with the tides and having more brewers come into downtown it'll only help tourism and help put Yakima on the map of what should be the brewing capital of the world; with the hops around the corner,” he said.

Over the last five years the state of Washington has seen just over 200 craft breweries start up.

If you take a closer look at Yakima, the city has added six in that time.

At some point, there may be too many breweries in such a small area.

Bart Watson, an economist with the Brewer’s association, said Yakima can still handle even more.

“Different markets are going to be able to support based on what people like. Yakima might be able to take more because it's hop country and people are thinking about beer,” he said.

Watson said production of craft beer is starting to slow, but the demand for craft beer keeps going up.

Zack Turner is the other co-founder of Single Hill. He's in charge of crafting the new beers.

He said to keep up with the demand for quality craft beer, they're going to stay away from trying to compete with the heavy weights on grocery store shelves.

“We'd like to avoid that as long as possible or forever and focus on our home and on our neighborhood,” Turner said.

Turner has been in the hop industry for years and said it's different when it comes to local versus national competition.

When it comes to areas like Yakima, you get a chance to work with other brewers in the area to take advantage of all the hops the valley produces.

“You can go visit another brewery a see a lot of the aspects of how they do their work. Then vice versa you can show people how you do yours and everybody kind of learns from each other,” Turner said.

Paxton said both he and Turner have kids, so they have a child friendly area for families to come down as well.

Single Hill Brewing Company is located at 102 N. Naches Ave in Yakima. The grand opening will be from noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

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