Sheriff's office main building in Yakima closed until further notice

Sheriff's office main building in Yakima closed until further notice

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Chemical fumes that are making employees sick have forced the sheriff's office to close their main building and they say they don't know when the building might open back up.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) employees said they started noticing smells of petroleum fumes after they had work done on their roof due to a leak.

Casey Schilperoort, who works in the sheriff's office said they've all had to move out of the building and close it because it's affecting everyone who works there.

He said they have all experienced headaches and bloody noses and some have had sore throats, tightness in the chest, puffy eyes and even diarrhea.

"There's some people that went to the doctors and doctors have said don't go in this building until it's fixed," Schilperoort said.

He said one of the employee's doctor said they had a moderate exposure to chemical fumes.

Right now they are trying to air out the building with large fans and trying to blow fresh air in.

"The fumes come out through the vents and into our buildings, it could be maybe stuck in the carpets so we don't know," Schilperoort said.

The sheriff's office said they don't know what the fix will be or if they will ever be allowed back into the building but they are operating as usual.

"We're still functioning, we're still doing everything that they need us to do," Schilperoort said. "It's an inconvenience that people can't come to the front counter here in the Yakima central office but they can come to the one in Zillah."

The sheriff's office said they are still trying to do their job and deputies are still responding, they just moved people out of this building so they won't be affected.

However, you can still call, mail or email them or visit the Zillah precinct at 715 Fountain Blvd.

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